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What are we?
Passionate. Benefit-oriented. Accommodating. Uncomplicated.

“Chemnitz Calling!” is an initiative organised by companies in the Chemnitz area and CWE (Chemnitzer Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH - Economic Development Corporation, City of Chemnitz). 

Our aims? 

1. To fill all job vacancies, especially those requiring highly-qualified applicants.
2. To raise awareness among target groups and reinforce the image of Chemnitz as an attractive place to live and work.
3. To create a network among the partner companies. 

Which target groups? 

1. Former Chemnitz residents who are thinking of returning
2. Commuters
3. People considering moving to the area
4. University graduates

1. Engineers
2. Software developers
3. Management personnel

How can we achieve this? 

Through the hard work and commitment of our partners. 

“Chemnitz Calling!” is unique in that is has a budget, which is guaranteed jointly by the partners and CWE and is ring-fenced for use in communications. The terms of the collaboration are set out in a cooperation agreement. 

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